So many books – so little time

Richard and I went to the Texas Book Festival – San Antonio Edition today. It was held at the Central Library and at the Southwest School of Art, which is right across the street. Lots of books, booths, activities, speakers and such. My friend Mary Cantu, founder of Spareparts, was there with her reuse, re-purpose, recycle art projects for the kiddies and adults alike.

We brought her some of Richard’s best shortbread, chocolate topped cookies for her eating pleasure.

It’s nice to see books and reading encouraged and authors sharing their stories. Most of them were from San Antonio and Texas from what I could tell. That’s a big Yippee! too.

Richard and Mary Cantu from Spareparts

Richard and Mary Cantu from Spareparts

Book Fair_2

Kym’s Kids were some of the many volunteers

Book Fair_3

Some of the book booths


This is a local book press, which is nice.


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