Beware the Dangers of Facebook

This is a cautionary notice about Facebook–for everyone, but especially for you to share with your children and grandchildren.

My 18 year old grandson, Justin, was arrested in his home in New Braunfels, TX by Federal Marshals and ICE on Thursday, February 14, 2013. He was charged with Federal felony terroristic threats. His bail is $250,000.

This all stemmed from a very stupid comment he posted on Facebook, which he had retracted.UPDATE 2/17/13 I learned this was a post was taken completely out of context. Both parents admonished him for it, acknowledging it was a fictional representation of someone other person’s mind.

As of February 15, he is being held in Bexar County Jail in San Antonio. He was allowed to call me from there and this is how I got some information. My son went completely incoherent with panic–and outrage. Justin, on the other hand, understood exactly what a mess he is in and realized his huge mistake–albeit too late. So far, he sounds calm, and is just waiting to find out where he will be held waiting for trial. We all know that could be a year or more.

Justin is not involved in drugs, alcohol, or weapons. He had a good job. His only vice is video games.

Do I want to say more about the injustice of the situation? You bet! But right now I only ask two things:

Please pray for Justin and his family

Please share this with your children, your grandchildren and any of your friends’ children. Warn them about the dangers of posting rants, bad language, or jokes that might be misconstrued as violent acts.

It’s not a joke or a rumor. It happened.

UPDATE: February 21, 2013

Justin was transferred to Austin for jail. He will not get bail and must reside in the Del Valle complex until he goes to trial. He has not seen or been appointed a lawyer. This kid is not a terrorist. We do realize just writing what he did is a crime, but it seems it would have to be tied to real intent somehow.

We can write and talk on the phone.

UPDATE: March 2, 2013

Justin was finally appointed an attorney. The attorney’s assistant has been to see him. There appears to be no clear cut idea of what the evidence is or what law enforcement plans to do with Justin as far as charges. He is not yet indicted and, is in fact, slated to be moved once again to Hays Co. or Comal Co. jail to be indicted. Why?, because he was actually living in New Braunfels at the time of the post and the arrest.

What a travesty this whole thing is turning out to be, what a miscarriage of justice and waste of taxpayer money. What a waste of time for law enforcement who should be trying to avert real threats and catch real criminals.

Justin is hanging in there but sounds more and more depressed every time we talk.

Udate: April 4, 2013

Justin has now been incarcerated for 45 days without an indictment. He was transferred to the Comal County Jail last week. As of yet, he does not have a new court-appointed attorney. The jail administration has not offered to get him one. I told him to be more pro-active and ask. His new charge is “Terrorist threat with intent to disrupt government services.” Again, that was not his intent. Bail is the same $250,000. He does sound like he’s hanging in there, bored and unsure of the future for sure!

Continue praying, please.


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  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Scary stuff.

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