About Laura Carter

My selfieWriter, blogger, social media maven, nonprofit advocate.  Laura is currently working with Blessed Sacrament Academy on Mission Road with communications/development efforts.

She retired as Communications Director at Providence Catholic School where her job included working with traditional and social media, public relations, event management and marketing.  She spent six years at the San Antonio Area Foundation as Communication Manager, and her blog “Beyond Paychecks” ran online bi-weekly at the San Antonio Current from Oct 2010 to January 2013.

Laura serves as the President of the Board for the Friends of Spare Parts In addition, she volunteered for years with TEDxSanantonio.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, movies, music and spending time with her pastry chef extraordinaire husband and their family.

Laura is on


Twitter @LauraCarter

Google+ Mary Laura Carter






  1. Laura? Army brat? Maiden name Kinslow? Gorgas Circle at Fort Sam? San Antonio Little Theater mid ’60’s. I was USAF and worked as a DJ at KITY-KONO. Tall but no longer skinny and no longer driving a little red sports car. If it is, indeed, THE Laura Kinslow, I’d love to hear from you.

    • Steve, I was that girl. Am now old woman. But, I would be happy to correspond with you. My email is in the links on the blog.

  2. Thanks, Chris. The post about Unk gets the most hits consistently. It makes me feel good that Uncle Seymour is still searched for, people still listen to Townes, and folks all over the world can know what it was like to live in those times.

  3. I cannot believe the unemployment rate and the economy in the US has recovered so well after 2007, as a citizen from another country I could not have believed it. I know there is a lot of shit going down over there and really some of the control structures and issues with the police seem strange. No guns means no armed police, that is the situation in my country… but what the hell… They are all right wing for me repub and democrat it is a crazy place. Horses for courses I guess

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