Finding Jesus on Facebook

I just found out Jesus has a Facebook page!  He currently has 33,700 fans who ‘like’ him  My first thought, was “Oh my God!” I wonder who was confident enough of their own godliness to ‘be’ Jesus on Facebook? Not that there is anything wrong with that.  I ‘like’ the Dalai Lama and am inspired by his spiritual wisdom everyday.

I believe life always includes searching for our spiritual side.  We all want to understand and relate to the mystery of our existence. I just finished reading this nice little book “I Golfed Across Mongolia.”  While not a golf fan by any stretch of the imagination, I found the title intriguing.  The author, Andre Tolme, took his three iron, used over 500 golf balls, and golfed 2,000 miles across Mongolia from Choybalsan to Khovd.  Tolme describes his journey as an “improbable adventure to rediscover the spirit of golf and life.”  I enjoyed the conversational tone Tolme uses to tell his adventures from the logistics of golfing across the challenging terrain; encounters with extreme weather; occasional lack of supplies; to his experiences with the Mongolian people and their culture.

On the last few pages of his book, Tolme evaluated his trip: “…during this journey, I’ve learned that “awareness” as an existential concept just may exist.  It has to do with one’s understanding of his or her place in the world.  The unique sequence of events that puts you in one particular place at one particular time, a four dimensional conflagration of time and space.  It’s an understanding of the interconnectivity of natural forces, which are beyond our control, and human relations, which are self-determined by a collective human consciousness. Manifestations of “awareness” are social responsibility and a humble, questioning inner voice.  Ignorance, war and intolerance are demonstrations of its absence.”

I think we can find spiritual connections anywhere if we keep an open heart and mind.  We can find it in relationships, nature, books, music and even on Facebook.


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