Random Thoughts of Love

Consider the word ‘love.’ Roll it around on your tongue like a piece of fine chocolate. Feel its velvety smoothness on your skin. Think how love makes you feel tingly, excited, passionate, euphoric… Sometimes love feels comfortable like your favorite cozy chair or safe like a parent’s sheltering embrace. When love goes bad, it can feel like an ‘achy-breaky’ heart.

Love is a ubiquitous human condition. Love permeates our entire existence from birth to death. It expresses itself in our literature, art, film, music, and religion. Love built the Taj Mahal and destroyed cities. Studies have shown teenage boys think of ‘love’ every 14 seconds or something like that.

Did you ever wonder how love and the heart became conjoined? Here are a few facts I found on Wikipedia: The heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human mind.  Ancient Egyptians and Greeks and throughout the Bible, the heart was used poetically to refer to the soul. In the 15th century Europeans began stylizing the heart with its current shape to symbolize romantic love.

I have questions about love. When was the first word for ‘love’ uttered? Was it when Neanderthal man dragged Neanderthal woman into the cave for a passionate embrace?  If God is love, why does He allow all the bad stuff in the world to happen? Did Hitler love anything–ever? Do you believe “love is all you need?” If your family stinks do you still have to love them?  What is “tough love?”

So, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, my hope is we love one another, without boundaries or qualifications. Make ‘love’ the fuel that drives your life. Or like Homer Simpson might say, “mmmmm, luuuvvv!”


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