A Small Blog

Welcome to the Small Blog: small thoughts by a not-so-small person.  

I’ve read this advice for beginning bloggers “write about what you know.”  Hmm, I know a little about a lot, hence, the small part. Also, this being the day of Twitter, short-attention span and busy schedules, smaller might actually be better.

 In my salad days, friends and I enjoyed coffee, cigarettes, and long conversations.  We thought we could change the world back then.  So, as caffeine intake lessened, cigarettes are no longer smoked (especially in coffee houses), and conversation has gone online, the art of sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences changed. Having evidently recovered some of my brain cells since the 60’s, I am now ready to communicate in a new way.

 One of the organizations I follow on Twitter and Facebook is Solar San Antonio , a non-profit advocacy and resource center dedicated to renewable and sustainable energy applications. Led by long-time San Antonio visionary activist and 95 year old, Bill Sinkin, Solar San Antonio holds workshops, solar events and even a movie night. It is your one stop shop for solar energy use and resources.  Just good info.

So, may the sun shine on you and enlighten your small thoughts.

Laura Carter


One Response to A Small Blog

  1. Lazy says:

    Looking good Sis! Nice to read your thoughts–just like the old days–reading your thoughts.

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