Spring works for me!

April 21, 2022

Spring has sprung in San Antonio. All the trees are leafing out, and making those dastardly pollen squiggles. Folks are planting their gardens and landscaping plants. Here’s a good article about eco-friendly gardening if you’re interested.

Are you still doom scrolling Twitter, Facebook and all the other platforms? Yeah, me too. But, I’ve tried to be more selective. Heather Cox Richardson has a daily news letter in which she dissects one or several current news topics and explains what’s it all means–especially as it related to history. She cites her sources as well.

Technology is great except when it isn’t. My husband and I were gifted Echo Dots and smart lightbulbs. I get it all set up with two lights in his bedroom, one in mine and two in the living room. These damn lights went off and on like a calliope, not just when you asked it to. All the lights would come on in the middle of the night when the hubs snores too loudly or coughs–also if he farts. I kid you not. So I playing light police and asking Alexa to turn the errant bulbs on or off many times a day.

Our daughter in Minnesota generously sends us all kinds of coffees from Ron’s Warehouse in Alexandria. When she sent this one I laughed out loud. I messaged her and said we weren’t going to try this. “Oh I drink it, it’s good” I explained about coffee enemas and she replied, “Oh my god, I’ve been drinking butt coffee.” Well, I thought that was funny.

Also there’s this:


Northern exposure Minnesota style

April 25, 2014

I just spent a week in Alexandria, Minnesota.  Daughter Maria, son-in-law Jason and baby Theodore Baron–a beautiful, healthy boy weighing in at close to 10 pounds at birth–made three good reasons to brave the frozen north for an inaugural visit. Even in mid-April the lakes are still iced over and a snow storm dumped at least six inches of beautiful white stuff during the week I was there.

Besides playing grandma with the baby, I spent afternoons at the family business, Northland Woolens, Inc. Northland Woolens is a company that produces top quality woolen products made from recycled and all natural materials. Everything is produced in the shop located in Nelson, just down the road from Alexandria. I watched them wash recycled sweaters, make custom hats, cut mitten parts from recycled woolen materials, and pair and sew on cuffs. And, I saw the most amazing antique sock machines.

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antique nordic sock machine



Northern Woolens–made in America

April 28, 2013

A few years ago, our daughter and her husband moved to the frozen lands of Minnesota. They bought a business that makes warm clothing. How smart is that? And, their products are made from organic wool, recycled sweaters and repurposed buttons. Truly fabulous.

Watch this video that explains it all.

Check out Northern Woolens website to order.